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Former LA Lakers Coach Mike Brown, Fact Sheet

Biographical Info on Former Los Angeles Lakers Basketball Coach Mike Brown


Los Angeles Lakers Basketball Coach Mike Brown
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Birth Name: Michael Brown

Birthdate: March 5, 1970

Birthplace: Columbus, Ohio


  • Wife, Carolyn
  • Has three children
  • The family lives in Orange County


  • Mesa Community College
  • University of San Diego (1992)

Other Coaches Considered for Brown's Position

  • Former Houston Rockets coach Rick Adelman
  • Lakers assistant coach Brian Shaw

Mike Brown Career History:

  • On November 9, 2012, Brown was fired from his coveted Los Angeles Lakers position and succeeded by Mike D'Antoni
  • On May 31, 2011, in El Segundo, during a news conference, Mike Brown was introduced as the new head coach for the Los Angeles Lakers--succeeding popular long-time Lakers coach Phil Jackson (who retired at the end of the season)
  • Worked with ESPN as a studio analyst (2010)
  • Was fired as coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers (2010)
  • Coach of the Eastern Conference All-Star team (2009)
  • Head coach with the Cleveland Cavaliers (2005)
  • Assistant coach to Rick Carlisle with the Indiana Pacers (2003)
  • Assistant coach with the San Antonio Spurs (2000)

Star Basketball Players Coached by Mike Brown:

Personal Facts Related to Mike Brown

  • He was dismissed after only five games with the Lakers, making him the third fastest coaching change in the history of the NBA
  • Brown joked with comedian/host George Lopez about his eldest son Elijah's interest in the Kardashians, Kendall and Kylie Jenner--saying he could use Lamar Odom's connections
  • He says he takes heat from his colleagues because his wife always matches his glasses to his suit
  • He won 'best dressed' in high school

Distinctions and Honors:

  • Named NBA Coach of the Year--after leading the Cavaliers to a franchise best 66–16 record (2009)
  • Named Eastern Conference Coach of the Month (January, 2008)
  • Under Brown, the Cavaliers defeated the Detroit Pistons in the Eastern Conference Finals and advanced to the NBA Finals for the first time in their history (2007)
  • Won a championship with San Antonio as their assistant coach (2003)

Reactions to Brown Being Named Lakers Coach

  • One source said that Lakers star Kobe Bryant was "surprised" to hear that Brown had been chosen; he had been a supporter of Lakers assistant coach Brian Shaw's bid for the position
  • The Los Angeles Times Lakers Blog did a post on the Twitter reactions to Brown's ascent; they ranged from "surprised" and "shocked with how quickly it went his way," to "excited about our new coach" and "Mike Brown doesn't feel altogether right for me in LA"
  • Mo Williams said: "I think it is a good hire"
  • LeBron James said: "I think the Lakers got them a great coach. Mike Brown was a great coach. He gave us success that we hadn't had before in that city"
  • Magic Johnson said: "He's a defensive coach, familiar with the West and has experience coaching a superstar"

Mike Brown's Style:

Brown is known for his defensive concepts and 'slow-it-down' game style. He has a reputation as a 'nice guy' and has been seen by his critics as a 'pushover' and "a nitwit when it comes to offense" (according to SI.com).

Mike Brown Quotes:

“You always hear all the talk about team chemistry. I used to think, Dang, what do they mean by that? Chemistry is so broad. So I tried to find the simplest way to define chemistry. To me, chemistry equals trust."

"You only have to think of eleven great speeches to get guys fired up if you're a college football coach. It's different in basketball. With an eighty-two-game regular season and ten preseason games and the playoffs, guys have to have something within them to get themselves going."

Quotes above are from an October, 2011 Esquire interview.

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