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Review of the Veggie Grill Vegetarian Food Restaurant in Los Angeles

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Healthy Vegetarian food restaurant the Veggie Grill in Los Angeles

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The Bottom Line

For years, folks have been saying that someone should open a great convenient healthy vegetarian 'fast food' restaurant in Los Angeles, but the concept never seemed to take off in the right way...until now. The Veggie Grill is a casual, fresh and flavorful LA vegetarian food restaurant to health-conscious Angelinos on-the-go. With locations in Irvine, El Segundo and (their newest branch) West Hollywood, this laid-back and affordable So. Cal restaurant chain makes eating healthy accessible to all.


  • Extremely reasonable price-points for fresh, healthy food
  • Friendly service
  • Open fairly late (at West Hollywood branch)


  • Parking validation only covers one hour and a half


  • Entree prices run from $6.75 to $9.50.
  • All dishes are 100% plant-based and contain no cholesterol, high-fructose corn syrup, animal fat and trans fat.
  • Ask about their specialized dietary restriction menus featuring soy-free and gluten-free dishes.
  • Call your order in in advance at the West Hollywood branch where curbside pick-up is available.
  • Eat-in restaurant dining as well as outdoor patio dining is available.
  • They serve environmentally conscious wine from MAS Wines and beer from New Belgium Brewing Company.

Guide Review - Review of the Veggie Grill Vegetarian Food Restaurant in Los Angeles

Gone are the days of LA's flavorless militant vegetarian health food restaurants with the “it’s good for you” incentive. The Veggie Grill subscribes to a fresher mentality. Healthy eating is all about the flavor, and in their case, the marinades and sauces. Just because the offerings are meatless doesn’t mean that taste is sacrificed.

The restaurant’s specialty ingredients are ‘chillin’ chickin’’ and ‘veggie-steak,’ both tasty blends of vegetable and soy proteins. One of my favorite burger entrees-- made of the former--is the Santa Fe Crispy Chickin’ with lettuce, tomato, red onion, avocado, and Southwestern spiced vegan mayonnaise. A close second is the Carne Asada, a veggie-steak marinated in Mexican spices with Southwestern spiced vegan mayonnaise, red onion, lettuce and tomato on a wheat roll. The magic of The Veggie Grill’s sandwich and burger entrees is how moist and rich they are.

The All Hail Kale salad is a five-star meal in itself. It contains marinated kale, red cabbage, roasted corn salsa, and agave-roasted walnuts (an extra kick) in a ginger-papaya vinaigrette with the option of blackened chickin’ or tempeh. I was less crazy about the Baja Fiesta salad finding it a bit on the soggy and bland side (at least compared to all those other mouth-watering dishes).

If you happen to be rolling home after 10 p.m. and get the munchies, forget In n’ Out. Stop by The Veggie Grill for their amazing Sweetheart Fries. These sweet potato “fries” (almost a misnomer) are actually baked and then flash-fried in canola oil. Another must is The Veggie Grill's rich, decadent chocolate pudding made of tofu. All in all, the offerings are so yummy that you might forget to say, “It’s good for you.”

Find The Veggie Grill restaurant on this map of West Hollywood

The Veggie Grill

West Hollywood

8000 W. Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90046

Farmers Market
110 S. Fairfax Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Santa Monica

2025 Wilshire Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA 90403

El Segundo

Plaza El Segundo
Allied Way
El Segundo, CA 9024

South Bay

Rolling Hills Plaza
2533 Pacific Coast Hwy.
Torrance, CA 90505

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