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Top 10 Pieces of Architecture in Los Angeles


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Top 10 Architecture Sights in LA
Los Angeles International Airport's Space Theme Restaurant
Photo: Stringer/Archives Photos/Getty Images

Los Angeles is rich in architecture and design from Hollywood's Golden Age--we are the film capital, after all--as well as some new classics. Renowned architects like Renzo Piano, Richard Meier, Frank Lloyd Wright and Rudolph Schindler have all taken on LA as their muse. This article features a top ten of architecture sights in LA but is by no means exhaustive. Beyond these ten monoliths are plenty of other incredible examples of Los Angeles architecture to be discovered and explored. However, this short list should inspire you to fashion and launch your own architecture tour of LA.

1. LAX Theme Building

On arrival in LA at the Los Angeles International Airport, one of the first architectural sights people associate with the city is the Theme Building, designed by architect Paul Williams. It was erected in 1961 and--as you can see from this classic black and white image--represented the promise of a new futuristic city lifestyle. It's an example of Googie architecture and houses The Encounter Restaurant and Bar.

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