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Famous Celebrity Murders and Crime Mysteries in Los Angeles


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The Black Dahlia
Black Dahlia Elizabeth Short Murder in Los Angeles

Murdered actress Elizabeth Short, known as 'The Black Dahlia'

Photo: Wikipedia Commons (public domain)

The old-as-the-hills LA murder mystery of The Black Dahlia was immortalized in the film The Black Dahlia in 2006. It starred Josh Hartnett and Aaron Eckhart, and was an adaptation of a James Ellroy book.

The real life story centered around actress Elizabeth Short whose body was found in two pieces in a vacant lot in Leimert Park in LA on January 15, 1947. It was an early case of the media jumping all over the story, sensationalizing it and thus affecting the evidence and the case. It was the press who, in fact, dubbed Short 'The Black Dahlia.' There have been many speculations as to who murdered her, some connecting her slaying to murders in Cleveland and Chicago. The Black Dahlia murder remains unsolved.

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