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Melrose Place in Los Angeles

A Beautiful Hidden Street Off Melrose in LA's West Hollywood Neighborhood


LA Neighborhoods and Streets Melrose Place
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Between La Cienega and Melrose Ave. in West Hollywood

The Luxury, Style, Fashion and Architecture of Melrose Place

Although well-known to locals, Melrose Place is one of those hidden gems of Los Angeles in that it is not easily spotted from major thoroughfares.

The charming and sparsely trafficked little street is lined with trees and easily and most enjoyably accessible on foot. This is because there is so much traditionally gorgeous architecture and detailing to take in. The street does, however, have metered parking.

In past decades, Melrose Place had been known as 'the antiquing street.' Although it is still home to some antique shops, quite a few have closed or moved.

The value of the street has grown and expensive designer boutiques have cropped up. Marc Jacobs opened in 2005. And more designer boutiques like Marni, Temperley Carolina Herrera and Oscar de la Renta followed with openings on Melrose Place. Chloé opened its doors on the street in 2009.

So, Melrose Place has effectively become a top designer destination like Robertson (although I personally prefer the quiet and subdued charm of Melrose Place).

One of my favorite features of this street are its art oriented book shops. Around late 2009, Leadapron--a gallery selling art, photography and rare books--opened. A year later, Marc Jacobs opened Book Marc, a shop selling fashion, limited edition and collectible books.

Melrose Place has been a fashionable local hot spot for years, but it was clear as of 2011 that it had risen into national renown when New York's Fig & Olive restaurant opened a branch on the La Cienega end of the block.

The 'Melrose Place' label is now so desirable that its been extended to the street's environs as well. The Melrose Place District is being called "LA's latest luxury destination" by relative newcomers to the street like The Nasa Group. Sadly (or happily, depending on your outlook), said group looks like they're getting ready to build a shopping complex on the adorable Melrose Place.

So, if you're a fan of Melrose Place's old world intimate charm, come enjoy it while it lasts--before it becomes another mass retail hell.

Shops Located on Melrose Place

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