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Famous Mansions in Beverly Hills, Malibu and Hollywood, Los Angeles

The LA Houses of the Rich and Famous Come With Their Own Celebrity and Lore


Sometimes gaudy, sometimes classical, sometimes playful, sometimes ominous, the famous mansions of Los Angeles come in every shape--but mostly the same larger than average size. Producers, actors, publishers, and musical artists may live it up in their private LA luxury homes, but not without some intrusion from the paparazzi and zealous fans, from above on helicopter, or below between bushes and behind gates. Thankfully you can take a sneak peek at the following famous LA mansions without trespassing or obtaining a search warrant.
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Hollywood Actress Mary Pickford at Her Mansion Pickfair in Beverly Hills LAPickfair in Beverly HillsHugh Hefner's Playboy Mansion Grotto and Pool in Holmby Hills LAPlayboy Mansion in Los AngelesGreystone Mansion in Beverly Hills LAGreystone Mansion in Beverly Hills, Los AngelesRockstar Mansion in LARock Star Mansion in Los Angeles
Phil Spector's Pyrenees Castle Mansion in Alhambra Los AngelesPhil Spector's Mansion in Los AngelesWilliam Randolph Hearst's Former Mansion in Beverly Hills Los AngelesHearst Mansion in Beverly HillsDavid Geffen's Malibu Estate in LADavid Geffen's Malibu Estate
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