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Getting Around in Los Angeles

This is a town of shortcuts, and this guide is yet another. Here you'll find info on public transportation, car rental, short distance road tripping local-style, and navigating the streets and freeways of Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Parking Tips, Tricks and Advice
Los Angeles parking tips, tricks and advice on how to avoid getting tickets and parking violations.

DUI Drunk Driving Laws and Procedures in Los Angeles
Facts on DUI drunk driving laws and procedures in Los Angeles

Getting a Drivers License in Los Angeles
How to get your drivers license in Los Angeles, California

About.com Readers' Driving Shortcuts in LA - Readers Share Their Driv…
About.com readers share their driving shortcuts in Los Angeles

12 LA Shortcuts
No coverage of LA would be complete without some of the city's driving shortcuts. Director Robert Altman understood this key part of the culture when he titled his LA-based movie (starring Julianne Moore) Shortcuts. Finding a quicker or less trafficked way to your destination is a must in a driving town like ours.

California Department of Motor Vehicles
LA is a driving town. Get licensed to drive and get out there!

Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority
Save gas and get around town. Here is everything you ever wanted to know about LA's public transportation system.

Bike Paths in Los Angeles
A guide to bike paths around LA and Northern Orange County.

Safe Rides
The safe solution to a potential DUI hazard. Safe Rides is a national organization with facilities in LA, that provides local law enforcement officials--24 hours a day--that will drive you home in your own car.

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