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Exxxotica Expo LA Adult Entertainment Show and Convention

Inside Erotic Entertainment Show and Porn Convention Exxxotica in Los Angeles


Adult Erotic Expo Convention Exxxotica Hits Downtown LA
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Exxxotica Expo LA Fact Sheet

What is Exxxotica Expo LA?
Exxxotica Expo LA is the Los Angeles wing of a traveling (New York, New Jersey, Miami) adult entertainment show and erotic convention.

Who is involved?
Adult (porn) film stars, on-hand to sign autographs for fans. Exhibitor booths from sex toy companies, adult entertainment companies, and live performances by bands like 2 Live Crew.

When does Exxxotica Expo take place?
2010 marked the first Los Angeles Exxxotica Expo (July 9-11), a three-day adult entertainment B2B and business- to-consumer extravaganza. The company behind it, Victory Tradeshow Management, plans to continue with it annually (generally in the summer months). The second Exxxotica Expo was slotted for August 26-28, 2011. NOTE: As of 2012, Exxxotica has decided (for the moment) not to have a Los Angeles event.

Where does Exxxotica Expo take place?
The Los Angeles Convention Center in Downtown.

Find the Los Angeles Convention Center on this map of Downtown LA South

The Scene:

Imagine stepping right up and into a fantasy world of sex, seduction and whimsy complete with many big name stars from the porn industry. Here, models and dancers perform around poles, beds and stages--and even wilder set-ups like trampolines and see-saws. Booths with sex toys, other fun features and speakers abound.

The show is mostly made up of fans (with a small business to business crowd as well)--predominantly male, some female and its good share of adventurous couples.

History of Exxxotica Expo Los Angeles

Exxxotica first launched in 2006 in Miami Beach. New Jersey and New York shows followed. Though LA seemed like an obvious market with the West Valley being the Silicon Valley of the porn industry, the event’s producers initially shied away from it, says J. Handy, Director of Victory Tradeshow Management. He got into the industry as an outsider (trade show specialist) admitting, “For 30 years the adult market has been becoming mainstream.”

At that time, Erotica LA, a consumer adult entertainment event for well over a decade, dominated the local LA market. But after 2009 Handy saw a big opening. Erotica had decided not to do its show in LA in 2010. That was when Victory launched Exxxotica LA. Though Handy admits, “There should be some spillover from them to us,” he adds that Exxxotica is different from that show in that they’re way more fan-based and consumer-friendly.

“We’re a little more porn star oriented,” adds Handy saying that he believes Exxxotica has the most stars of any show in the U.S. possibly only rivaled by Las Vegas shows (like Adult Entertainment Expo). The event is about fans meeting their sexual fantasy icons. So you don’t have to be from ‘the biz’ to have a blast at the naughty and colorful event. “It’s a fan show,” enthuses Handy.

The Largest Adult Event in the Country

Handy touts Exxxotica as the “largest adult event in the country,” if not, at least matching the larger adult shows in Las Vegas. He says of his convention, “It’s an adult playground” (more than just a trade show), and “a celebration of sexy.”

Upon entering the locale, visitors are greeted by 50 “Exxxotica Hotties,” some in hot pink lingerie, and a sexy fantasy-inspired room. From the moment doors open, stage acts--musical and erotic--run throughout the convention.

Players from different sides of the adult industry--hardcore to softcore/mainstream are there representing. Past participants have included Playboy Radio. Crossover adult star/actress Sasha Grey (who starred in Steven Soderbergh’s The Girlfriend Experience and in HBO’s Entourage) has made appearances at the show.

Exxxotica also features seminars on everything from plastic surgery and industry insider stories, to ‘how to get into porn.’

Features and Highlights of Exxxotica Expo LA

  • The F.A.M.E. Awards
  • Vivid Family Feud
  • Ms. Exxxotica Competition
  • Keeping It Hot & Sexy: A Seminar For Couples
  • Inside the Porn Actors Studio
  • Kylie Ireland: Are Women More Hardcore Than Men
  • High Tech Sex - The Future of XXX
  • Special show hours for 'industry only'

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