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Los Angeles Education & Government

Read up on city services, government, community organizations, education and politics. Get involved and learn about hot topic issues in LA today.

Los Angeles Mayoral Candidate Wendy Greuel
Wendy Greuel Los Angeles Mayoral Candidate

Los Angeles Mayoral Candidate Eric Garcetti
Eric Garcetti Los Angeles Mayoral Candidate

Expand Your Mind in Los Angeles
Intellectual and Creative Workshops, Events and Networks in LA to Inspire

Top Private Schools in Los Angeles
Top Private or Parochial Schools in Los Angeles

Volunteering at Charities in Los Angeles
Volunteer at Community Outreach Charity and Non-Profits in LA

2012 California Ballot Measures for Los Angeles Voters
California Election Issues for Los Angeles Voters in 2012

Capital Punishment in California
Capital Punishment in California Facts

Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena LA California

Free Legal Advice in Los Angeles
Free Legal Advice in Los Angeles

Top Universities in Southern California
Top Best Colleges Universities in Southern California Los Angeles

Consulate Generals in Los Angeles

List of International Consulate General Offices in Los Angeles

Marijuana Legalization Fact Sheet and Resource Tool
This brief marijuana legalization fact sheet provides links to resources on who supports the bill, the history of marijuana legislature in LA and California, and pros and cons of legalization.

2010 California Election Issues for Los Angeles Voters
Read through the ballot initiatives, measures and propositions up for consideration on November 2nd

Classes, Workshops and Lessons in Los Angeles
There's no time like the present to learn golf, a language or a new skill by taking classes in Los Angeles.

Timeline of Recent Marijuana Laws in Los Angeles and California
Timeline of recent marijuana laws in Los Angeles and California

Marijuana Laws in Los Angeles and California
Facts about Los Angeles and California cannabis laws and marijuana dispensaries

Los Angeles, California Sex Offenders Internet Database, Megan's Law
Search for sexual predators and sex offenders in your neighborhood in Los Angeles with California Megan's Law's online database

Texting and Phoning While Driving Laws in Los Angeles
Driving laws in LA related to cell phone usage and texting

Earthquake Safety and Preparedness in Los Angeles
Earthquake Safety Preparations for Los Angeles Residents

Getting Married in Los Angeles
How to get a marriage license and get married in LA

Registering to Vote in Los Angeles
Register to vote in Los Angeles

Former Los Angeles Mayor Villaraigosa
Former Los Angeles Mayor Villaraigosa

Animal Rescue Resources and Pet Shelters in the Los Angeles Area
Guide to animal rescue resources and pet shelters in the Los Angeles Area

Conserving Water During a Shortage
Here are some tips--many beyond the LA DWP's requirements--to help you weather mandatory water conservation. If you get through all of them, you may even save money in the process.

Local Business: When Public and Private Sectors Meet
P3's, also known as collaborations between the public and private sector are increasing, and many of them are eco-friendly.

Parking in Downtown Los Angeles Explained
Downtown LA Parking Fees and Meters and Electronic System Explained

Los Angeles Laws
Los Angeles Laws

Gun Laws in California
Gun Laws in California

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