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Careers & Jobs in Los Angeles

Learn how to turn a challenging job market into a career opportunity in LA. You'll find out about the top and growing industries in town, job fairs, organizations, freelancing and more here.

Career Events in Los Angeles
Workshops and Conferences For Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs in LA

Top Industries For Career Building in Los Angeles
Fastest Growing Top Job Industries in LA

Rent Coworking Office Space in Los Angeles and Santa Monica at BLANKSPACES
Blank Spaces in LA Rents Freelancers Co-working Shared Office Space and Virtual Offices

Career Networking in Los Angeles
Career Networking in Los Angeles Tips

How to File for Unemployment in Los Angeles
A guide to filing for unemployment in Los Angeles

Healthcare Jobs in Los Angeles
Healthcare providers and corporations look for physicians, technicians, educators, physical therapists, dieticians, nurse practitioners, medical assistants and pharmacists, to name a few. You don't necessarily need medical training to get a job in healthcare.

Los Angeles Diversity Job Fairs for 2010
A list of job fairs in LA, mostly NAACP, that focus on diversity in the workplace.

LA Careers Neighborhood Job Opportunities
A direct connection to employers and jobs in the greater Los Angeles area.

LA Unified School District Human Resources
Train to be a teacher in the LA Unified School District or check out professional development opportunities for certified employees.

Central Casting
Ever wondered how they drew those crowds in Independence Day or Cleopatra? You too could be an extra. Here's how to get your foot in the door.

Pacific Bartending School
Shake it up with the best of them, and get paid well. If you don't know your screwdrivers from your martinis look into bartending school.

East Los Angeles Occupational Center
Community-based education and career center that provides training and support services for students so they can compete for employment or move on to a higher-educational level

City of Los Angeles Jobs
Provides information on job opportunities with the Community Development Department, the LA Convention Center, the LAPD and more

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