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The entertainment capital lives up to its title with 'places to go and people to see,' as the saying goes. Beyond all the great restaurants, clubs, bars, live events, galleries, and museums, LA also dazzles with its natural scenery.
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Art, Architecture and Film

The Getty Center in Los Angeles designed by Richard Meier

The Southern California art scene has centered on the likes of such world-class creators as David Hockney, Ed Ruscha and Ed Moses. Our architecture includes the famous Disney Concert Hall, the Getty Center and works by Rudolf Schindler and Frank Lloyd Wright. Check out the galleries, museums and architecture that put us on the global cultural map.

Healthy Living

Meditation, hypnosis and healthy living in LA

We didn't get our reputation as a 'healthopolis' by accident. It's true that many LA residents, live, breathe, eat and sleep wellness. Thankfully, there are lots of healthy living things to do in this town--from yoga and Pilates classes to hiking and vegetarian dining and food shopping.

Adult LA

Lingerie Fashion Show for Agent Provocateur Which Has a Boutique on Melrose in LA

Take a walk on the wild and edgy side of LA, from the sexy side of life to late night life that happens in Los Angeles and stays in Los Angeles.

Holidays and Special Occasions

Holidays, Halloween, 4th of July, Christmas in Los Angeles

Christmas in LA might not include snowball fights and going caroling, but that doesn't mean we don't celebrate the holidays in our own fun, unique style. From Halloween to Fourth of July, this city promises plenty of great ways to enjoy annual festivities.

Live Performance

Comedienne Coco Peru performs her comedy stylings at the Laugh Factory in Los Angeles

Whether you're in the mood to catch the latest rumblings from the Indie music scene at Spaceland in Silver Lake, share an evening of jazz and fine dining with friends, or heckle or praise a comedian at the Laugh Factory--LA is packed with options for live shows.

Restaurants, Food and Drink

Reviews of restaurants like Breadbar in Los Angeles

LA's fancies for restaurants, clubs and bars are constantly shifting. The best of the best in gastronomy and mixology come out here to make it. So, there's an assortment of great new hot spots that seem to crop up often alongside some equally worthy old mainstays.

Nature and the Great Outdoors

Dog walker Jula Bell hits Fern Dell Trail in Griffith Park, Los Angeles

All the glitters is not tinsel in the Golden State's entertainment capital. There's a whole natural world to discover in Los Angeles as well--from Topanga Canyon and Rustic Canyon, to the hills of Mount Washington and Marina Del Rey. LA's beaches, parks, canyons and hillside areas offer locals a chance to take a much-needed time-out from their busy metropolitan lives.

Classes and Instruction

Lauren Barrett Teaches LA Kids Songwriting

Whether you want to learn karate or screenwriting, there is a wide range of instructional courses and instructors available and accessible throughout LA.

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