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Los Angeles Arts & Entertainment

Entertainment and the arts are LA's heart and soul. Channel your inner performer or artist with this guide to galleries, museums, performance spaces, and of course film.
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Dave Stewart: The Ringmaster
Dave Stewart: The Ringmaster - The Grammy-Winner Puts on a Rock n' Roll Circus at the El Rey Theatre

International Communities in Los Angeles
International Communities in Los Angeles

La Luz de Jesus Gallery in Los Feliz

Music Festivals in LA Year-Round
Music Festivals in Los Angeles Year Round

Ruby Wax is Still Out Of Her Mind
Comedian Ruby Wax at the Broad Stage in Santa Monica LA

Celebrities Born and Raised in Los Angeles
There are loads of actors and actresses who were born and raised in LA. Here is a list of just of few of our celebrity native sons, and daughters.

Japanese Culture in Los Angeles
Japanese Pop Culture in Los Angeles

Best Nightclubs in Los Angeles For Celebrity Spotting
Best Nightclubs in Los Angeles For Celebrity Spotting

DJ Garth Trinidad of KCRW on the Music and Nightlife Scene in LA
An interview with Garth Trinidad, DJ of KCRW Los Angeles' radio program Chocolate City

Highland Park Artist Jena Cardwell
Jena Cardwell Highland Park Art Show Finster Studio Los Angeles

10 Free Activities in Los Angeles
Free museums and activities in Los Angeles

Interview With Lita Ford of Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy Camp LA
Interview With Former Runaways Guitarist Lita Ford of Rock n' Roll Fantasy Camp Los Angeles

Hollywood Celebrity Culture in LA
Lights, camera, action...a peek into the Hollywood celebrity culture that Los Angeles is so, uh, well, famous for...

Guide to Los Angeles Cultural History
Guide to LA Pop Culture History Celebrities Historic Landmarks and Sites

Sex in Los Angeles
With the adult film industry based in the West Valley, sex in Los Angeles is a major industry. There are sex shops, sexy lingerie shops, lots of adult entertainment venues and more in LA to discover and be titillated by.

Bands, Musicians and Rock Stars From LA
Historically, many bands and musicians have come to LA to make it big in this West Coast rock city. It's easy to forget about the local groups who built up a following in Los Angeles and came to be known as the city's pride. Many met in high school and started the proverbial garage band. Other bands, musicians and rock stars from LA were...

Film and Television Awards Shows in Los Angeles
A list of entertainment awards programs filmed and held in Los Angeles

Famous and Celebrity Murders and Crime Mysteries in Los Angeles
They're famous for murder or their fame and murder made them infamous

Desert Island DJ Playlist
KCRW DJ Garth Trinidad of "Chocolate City" tries to narrow down some of his top 'survival' tunes.

Horror Movie on Wheels Rolls Through LA
It’s always Halloween for off-beat Los Angeles theatrical performance troupe Art of Bleeding

Music, Arts, Sports, Restaurants, Nightlife, Nature, Festival…
Things to Do in Los Angeles

Dance Lessons in Los Angeles
Inspired by Dancing With the Stars or So You Think You Can Dance? One or more of these local studios is sure to have the right classes to get you into the your groove.

French Los Angeles
French Culture in Los Angeles

British Los Angeles
British Los Angeles

An Adult Movie Director and Star Talks Erotic LA
Porn director and star Joanna Angel talks sex and dating in LA

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