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Summer Activities and Events in LA

What to Do in the Summertime in Los Angeles


Los Angeles is one of those towns that gets the reputation for having an endless summer lifestyle. Though this is mostly true (we have so few cold, rainy months), summer is arguably the season when LA really comes to life. Open air concerts, picnics, and movie screenings are just a few of the summer activities in LA worth looking into. Surf culture too feels fully in bloom in the summer months as many people take off early from work on Fridays to put in a little R&R beach time.

Outdoor Concerts

Ford Theatre in Hollywood LA
Photo: Paul Antico

Whether you're into classical music, jazz or rock, LA offers some special opportunities to enjoy a musical performance in an outdoor setting. And, at spots like The Hollywood Bowl and the Ford Amphiltheatre, you can even enjoy food and wine while you watch show.

The Ford Amphitheatre

The Greek Theatre 

The Hollywood Bowl



Elysian Park in LA's East Side
Stephen Clark

Picnics are a great way to connect with the family, enjoy a romantic date or just hang out with friends at LA's parks, beaches and other public outdoor spaces. And of course, as mentioned above, some of the city's outdoor music venues encourage audience members to bring picnic meals to events. Visit an eatery or gourmet shop that has your favorite foods and create your own to-go culinary cornucopia.

Picnic Baskets, Lunch Boxes and Gourmet Deli Food in LA

Hiking and the Great Outdoors

Elysian Park in Los Angeles
Stephen Clark

Most health-conscious locals know that hiking is one of the best work outs you can get--especially in some of the more hilly areas of LA. It's also a fun activity to share with friends or your dog. 

Best Hiking Trails in Los Angeles

Dog Walking Tour of LA's East Side

Hollywood Cemetery Movie Screenings

Hollywood Forever Cemetery Outdoor Movie Screenings in Los Angeles
Frazer Harrison/Staff/Getty Images
From Harold and Maude to The Umbrellas of Cherbourg, all manner of classic and neo-classic films are screened on Saturdays, during the warm months, at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. Join other movie fans for a picnic and film night amidst the tombstones of LA's most famous late residents.

Hit the Beach

Photo © Carlo Allegri/Getty Images

One of the benefits of living in Southern California are our beaches, and of course a deeply ingrained local surf culture. You can head West to catch some surf and sand or just spend a day in Malibu complete with wine-tasting and an architectural historical tour.

Malibu: A Day at the Beach

Top Surf Spots in Los Angeles

Hit the Road

How to Get a Driver's License in Los Angeles
Photo: Megan Maloy/ Getty Images

California--in my humble opinion--is one of the most beautiful states to see en-route in a car. Beaches and breathtaking landscapes whoosh by as you zoom down coastal Highway 1. Even if you can't take a lot of time off to head to, say, San Francisco, there are some super short vacation destinations that are under four hours drive North or South from Los Angeles.

Short Distance Road Trips From Los Angeles

Fresh Food Shopping

The Beverly Hills Farmers Market
Photo: City of Beverly Hills

With summer comes a refreshing array of ripe and seasonal fruits and vegetables for the picking (well practically). Rather than doing your shopping, in the usual drag-your-feet everyday way, consider heading out to a farmers market near you for a whole farm-fresh day and experience of food-purchasing and food-tasting. 

Farmers Markets in Los Angeles by Neighborhood

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