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Chi Dynasty in Glendale

The Third in Jonathan Chi's Trilogy of LA Chinese Restaurants


Chi Dynasty Chinese Restaurant in Glendale LA

In a Nutshell

This is the third in the trilogy of Jonathan Chi's Southern California Chinese restaurants. It opened in the Fall of 2011. The other two Chi Dynasty restaurants are situated in Studio City and Los Feliz (the original flagship location first opened in 1983). The stylish looking but family-friendly Glendale eatery offers a mix of Cantonese and Szechuan food at great prices for the large amount of food that flows your way.

The Scene and Vibe at Chi Dynasty in Glendale

Cinematic and exotic, the interior of Chi Dynasty is both traditional and modern. A red wall, dim 'mood' lighting and a giant classical Chinese mural set the tone--which frankly feels cool, sexy and potentially 'date night' friendly.

Yet, the location--within the confines of the outdoor Americana shopping center in Glendale, makes this a casual eatery that is very much family-friendly. The warm and helpful staff contribute to this sensibility as well. They're more than happy to put a smile on kids' and parents' faces with amenities like high chairs and 'sippy' cups.

Pivot to the right of the restaurant and you're faced again with the cool and modern side of Chi--the bar--with its impressive roster of Chinese-themed cocktails mixed with premium liquors. These include hits like the Shanghai Tea and Singapore Sling, alongside their specialty--the full and rich Mr. Chi's Mai Tai (spiced rum, Bacardi light rum and Mr. Chi's juice mix).

Such savvy libations hint at restaurant owner Jonathan Chi's collaboration (on this property and the Studio City location) with the Muse Lifestyle Group. The latter are behind the Playhouse night club in Hollywood and Nine Thirty at the W Hotel Westwood. So that is where the cool and loungey vibes come in.

The Food at Chi Dynasty Chinese Restaurant

Frugal club kids and actual kids and their parents will benefit from the fact that Chi's portions are large while their prices are reasonable. Specialties range in price from $10.50 to 33.95, averaging at about $14.95. One of my favorite appetizers, for instance, the minced chicken in lettuce cups, costs $8.50 for four portions. In my own personal experience, restaurants have generally served this dish up in smaller two-cup portions. So, be prepared that you'll probably end the night with more than enough food to take home with you.

If you like delicious, healthy seafood, you'll want to order their fish of the day steamed with ginger, scallions, cilantro and soy sauce. It's supple and again sizable.

Classics like sizzling rice soup and a dim sum sampler are prepared by Chi's Cantonese chefs. But there are also more atypical dishes on the menu that cater to the culinary adventurer in all of us, such as the Mongolian lamb wok flash-fried with ginger and scallions in a savory brown sauce.

If you're into eating light, I recommend some of the vegetable dishes like the flavorful Szechuan garlic string beans.

All in all, Chi Dynasty is one of those nice, laid back truly Southern California restaurants that promises a bit of something for everyone.

Chi Dynasty

769 Americana Way
Glendale, CA 91210

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