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Shana Ting Lipton

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Shana Ting Lipton was editor of the About.com LA site between 2009 and 2014. She is an editor, feature writer, and content producer who grew up in Los Angeles. Her LA and LA-related articles have been published in regional, national and international publications for over a decade.


Shana has covered art, culture, performers and trends extensively for various media outlets including the Los Angeles Times. As editor of a weekly events segment and web column for the LA Times online and KTLA Thursday evening news, she covered restaurants, art exhibits, concerts and film. Shana was editor of the The Blackbook Guide to Los Angeles and its online counterpart. She is a contributor to the popular LA-based blog The Huffington Post and has written, edited and reported for many other publications, including Variety, People and The Robb Report. She blogs about LA and international culture and travel on Chic Trek. Shana has also appeared on TV shows/stations such as NBC News Raw to talk about Los Angeles and pop culture.

By Shana Ting Lipton:

Los Angeles is many cities in one. This can be both exhilarating and overwhelming, for natives and non-natives. Once you find your niche (or niches) it can be one of the most eclectic, stimulating and livable places to plant roots. My hope is that this guide will arm you with fun and useful information, tips and perspectives that will give you a sense of community, and a real 360 view of all that LA has to offer.

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