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Top Up-and-Coming Neighborhoods in Los Angeles

Here are some of the trendy areas where people are moving, seeking a better quality of life and cost of living.

Moving On...

I'm set to move on from About LA. It's been a great nearly five-year run. About.com is moving in a different direction, and I've been increasingly focusing

Dave Stewart: The Ringmaster

Dave Stewart: The Ringmaster - The Grammy-Winner Puts on a Rock n' Roll Circus at the El Rey Theatre

Dave Stewart's Rock n' Roll Circus

I recently interviewed Grammy-winning music legend Dave Stewart (of Eurythmics fame and so much more) about his latest, greatest show on earth--or more

Mexican Photography and Architecture at the MAK Center

The intersection between photography and architecture will be the subject of a special Wednesday night talk at the MAK Center. Artists Christoph Draeger

Plant Based Burgers For Sunday Supper

The roots of the Sunday supper, back to its original incarnation (Britain's Sunday roast) are centered around meat. However, as this is LA, and we always do

Spring 2014 Events in Los Angeles

Spring 2014 Events in Los Angeles - Events Taking Place in March, April and May in LA

Scotch and Art in Barnsdall Art Park

The worlds of Scotch and art will converge on Friday, February 28th with a talk by German artist Manfred Müller and a Scotch tasting by Silverlake Wine.

Sixties French Farce Boeing Boeing Comes to Burbank

Love is in the air--no it's literally in the air as in, at an altitude of 30,000 feet... at least that's the loose sensibility of the farcical French play

The Dumb Starbucks Shop in Los Feliz

Is it art? Is it trademark infringement? Only one thing seems to be a certainty when it comes to the Dumb Starbucks 'mock shop' in Los Feliz and it's a

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